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Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Basically I'm a Selfish Person

Hello jammers, or those who are still with me even though I wasn't with you. I have neglected this blog, why you may ask? Well lots of reasons: I got addicted with Instagram, Tumblr, Pheed, Wattpad and you know typical teenager things. And also I just took several months off without playing Animal Jam because of all the changes and what not. School made me very busy too so I apologize to everyone and thank you for reading my posts when I was gone. I just didn't make an effort to blog but I'm back but this blog will be different. I will not post the daily items or the journey guides or codes, etc. Instead I'll talk/rant about what I see in Jamaa. I started playing again because boredom and the fact AJ was one of my bookmarks on Chrome. So I hope you guys forgive me and stay with me and read my irregular posts on rares, scamming, dating, etc. 

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