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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Everything Has Changed

Everything has changed, so much. I wish Animal Jam isn't as it is now, all about rares. When it first started it was about friends, and having fun and learning new things about the world. That was in 2010. There's so much drama nowadays, scamming, dating, clans, et cetera. We are such selfish, shallow beings. It's a virtual game. Jammers say 'it's not a game, you meet real people'. Well yes, but do you really see them? I doubt that. AJHQ is also getting on my nerves. They're just, I don't know annoying. 



This is like for 8 year olds, and I admit I'm older than I should be playing this game. I started after July 4th, 2011, I think. And around then, Crystal Sands didn't have water slides, there were no parties, several lands had not come out yet and there wasn't that much drama. You've probably heard about MagicDream, RJKingbeast, and Breathless/Goldfishypuppy/XxFreeSpiritxX, right? It involves drama, lots of it. Basically Magic scammed Goldy's friend and Magic also copied/plagiarized Goldy's and Snowyclaw's blogs. I'm not going to get into it too much. You go into Jamaa Township in some popular server like Aldan and there is always bunches of jammers and then some popular jammers always on the left side of Jamaa Township to signal how popular they are. Really? Does it matter so much how many rares you have? And there are times where I want rares too because it's a natural part. But rares are only pixelated items. People are choosing rares over their friends, and I'm not saying everyone but there are some. They go, 'trade me your top hat, or else I won't be your friend.' Wow, that's so...there's no word.


Why can't you just trade?? A shout out for an item, no. I know some people such as Goldy have admitted they have scammed, and that's good because lying about it, people will find out sooner than later. There's a saying: 'scammers aren't jammers' and I'm talking about serious scammers who don't admit that they scammed. I have a question to the scammers. Does it make you happy that you've cheated someone out of their item? And there's all kinds of scamming but I'm glad jammers have gotten smarter about this. 

I don't know if it's just me but it irritates me when people go like this:

plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!! Like no, no one's going to trade you if you're begging with more than 10 exclaimation points. Plus, I hate it when someone buddy requests you and you accept, immediately following that, they trade you for a rare. So you buddied me for my rares -.- I feel loved. Because to actually become friends, you have to meet and get to know each other.

There are children on this site and this jammer is probably one too. Club and drinks?!?! What, this is not like some adult game or whatever, this is an animated site for kids 6-12. And there's people going 'im single, girls come to my den'. Um noo, some people even give out they're phone numbers or skype. Seriously, go to eHarmony or something. like I've dated on AJ but I actually liked the person but anyways it's going too far when they say, 'I have a cub for adoption' ew. On to adoption 'I'm a kitty, members adopt me.' Why not nonmembers? 

Speaking of that, the unfairness between nonmembers and members. I know some really nice members so no offense to all members and one of them made a nonmember account just to show the gap between nonmems and mems. By the way, I'm nonmember. It's really mean when you see a new nonmember who has just started and probably looks weird and they are asking for some help in AJ and a member decides to yell at them for not knowing anything. Well it's not the new jammer's fault, we were all newbies too once. Sometimes I see nonmems going to the left side of Jamaa Township and all the members are like "you're not rare, you can't sit here." Wow, do you own that property, I don't think so. There are much more differences, it would keep me up all night. 

Basically, AJHQ wants everyone to be members for the money. Greedy much? Lastly, bragging and just being rude. 'I have 10 top hats, haha', 'i have more rares than you, loser', 'u have no life', blah, blah, blah. No one really cares! It won't matter in 5 minutes. AJHQ should just release all the rares or take them all away forever. Animal Jam truly is different

I could go on, and if you have read all the way here, you're awesome :)

Happy jamming, I guess.

Update: this was from 2012, and things have changed some so look for upcoming posts!