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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Usual

So I'm in Jamaa Township and I see the typical "if you like me, go to my den, boys only!" Girl, you are thirsty, you need to be quenched. I smell desperation. And then this wolf starts saying, "If you have a code for nonmember sword, come to my den!" And I'm like, really. I told him there's no code for a nonmember sword, you can get them by trading or Sky High. I think he was probably some scammer but he honestly argued with me, actually thinking there's a freaking code for that. And then he called me a f***tard, which isn't a word and I was like wow, so insulting (sarcasm). He was just being so stubborn and I just gave up, and asked him why don't you work for the sword, why don't you trade and he's like no, ok then but there's no code whatsoever. Fools. You know how there's a bridge on the left of Jamaa Township. Well I saw two wolves on it and the girl was jumping on the guy while he's laying down and she was saying, "Faster!" and I'm like you little nasty, there are effing kids on this website. You absolutely disgust me and you're probably like 10. So I was like stop and the girl goes, "Wanna join?" and I probably puked by then so I said please go some other site like maybe christianmingle.com. YOU CAN'T JUST GO AROUND DOING "IT" IN A VIRTUAL WEBSITE WITH 7 YEAR OLD KIDS, YOU NEED TO REEVALUATE YOUR LIFE! This is why we can't have good things in this world. Literally just no. And the thing is that AJHQ doesn't care. You can report them, and it tells you, that the report has been seen to a moderator, I don't see no moderators. They're just robots and you think AJ would actually ban these people from playing since they care sooo much about our "safety" and whatever. Why are there still so many scammers, and hackers when AJ is supposed to care. But like all businesses and corporations, they are doing it for the money, it doesn't matter how "educational, family-friendly" it is, they are doing it for the cash. Look at how they make so many items member only, they want everyone to be a member, when they came out with the Diamond Shop and the Beta Adventures, all the stuff are for members. Either Animal Jam/Smart Bomb is running out of money or just want more. That's all they want, is the money. They never cared about the players unless you're a member. It makes me so mad when they fake "online safety" and yet there are people on this site doing gross things. Everyone is a hypocrite, including me. Money matters more than actual people. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Basically I'm a Selfish Person

Hello jammers, or those who are still with me even though I wasn't with you. I have neglected this blog, why you may ask? Well lots of reasons: I got addicted with Instagram, Tumblr, Pheed, Wattpad and you know typical teenager things. And also I just took several months off without playing Animal Jam because of all the changes and what not. School made me very busy too so I apologize to everyone and thank you for reading my posts when I was gone. I just didn't make an effort to blog but I'm back but this blog will be different. I will not post the daily items or the journey guides or codes, etc. Instead I'll talk/rant about what I see in Jamaa. I started playing again because boredom and the fact AJ was one of my bookmarks on Chrome. So I hope you guys forgive me and stay with me and read my irregular posts on rares, scamming, dating, etc.